Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tag Team

My wife and I are going on a lunch/movie date today. We've hired a babysitter (Matthew's therapist from the center where he spends most of his day). We have 5 hours very carefully blocked out.
She arrives, we leave 15 minutes later, which gives us 40 minutes to get to the theater, etc.
The last movie we saw in a theater was Hot Tub Time Machine (circa spring break 2010) by the way.

This isn't the topic of this entry, just thought I'd mention it!

Tag Team. It's not just for wrestling anymore.

10 months out of the year, my wife is an elementary school teacher.

10 months out of the year I'm a full time college student.

My wife makes a nice living. She's been teaching for around 14 years and she earns every dime. I don't make any dimes going to school.

I earn my keep by getting good grades and making sure the kids get where they need to be when they need to be there. That's not always easy. Hell it's rarely easy.

What helps us keep from going completely bonkers is that we take turns (this mainly revolves around Matthew, our 4 year old with autism).

If my wife spent the previous night trying to find the exact spongebob episode that he insists must be played (downstairs at 3am I must add) then I know that tonight it's my turn if he pulls the stunt again.

My wife doesn't need to tell or ask me (most of the time!) It's just how we do things.
Yesterday my wife got to go to a small concert in town with her mom and her sisters. A rare and well deserved treat. I stayed home with the kids.

Tag. I'm it.

This morning, I don't even know when, she came downstairs with him and let me sleep in.

Tag. You're it.

I wake up around 645 (for me that's sleeping in) and take over with Matthew. Mostly at this time of the morning it consists of keeping him happy and non screamy. My wife is 10 feet away catching a few needed winks on the couch.

Tag. I'm it.

And that's how we do it. It's not a perfect system and either one of us carries a larger load at times... but we're always within arm's reach of each other.

For a hug.

For a pat on the rear.

For a tag.

- Posted from my phone. I know...phones are amazing.

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