Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hot Rods for a Great Cause

Yesterday, the Camtwisters of Fresno held their annual "On The Roof" Car Show at River Park. The show benefitted FEAT-FMC (Families for the Effective Treatment of Autism - Fresno-Madera County).

FEAT, among many other things, supports the Central California Autism Center. My son attends ABA therapy at the CCAC. They are wonderful people doing wonderful things. I made this video for them last summer if you'd like to see more. That's my son in the green shirt. =)

On to the pictures. I'll start with one of my kids with Arthur. He is an adult with Autism. He works as a therapist at the CCAC and is an inspiration to all of us. I'd like to interview him and tell his story one day. I know a lot of it already, but I think it would be a fascinating project.

The FEAT booth.

I won't pretend to know the year and make of every car. I do know this is a Ford Thunderbird! Notice the hood is flipped open. See next photo for an idea of the paint jobs on these cars. 

This is my reflection in the hood. Amazing.

Ranchero. My brother owned one of these back in the day.

"HT MSTRD" was one of my favorites.

Tow Mater was there! 

Wait, check that. His brother Gus was there. While it was cool to see, it was like running into one of the lesser Baldwin brothers on the street. 

Not a seat belt in sight. Aaah...the good old days.

This was a very good year for me. 

Finally found a car for my daughter. 

And one for my wife.

The paint job on this next car probably cost more than my current car. Watch it change as I move. Incredible.

It appears as though someone familiar with a color wheel/color theory set these cars up.

The family. Photo courtesy of Arthur.

Looking back, I failed to get a single picture of any members of the Camtwisters! I apologize for that. I did get to personally thank a few of them for supporting Autism causes and I introduced my son to them.

They are a wonderful organization and as a parent, I'd like to thank them once again.