Sunday, May 15, 2011

Say Cheese....A film about my son and Autism

I am really hoping to get started again on this project as soon as school and graduation are over.
I have over 10GB worth of old videos, cell phone clips and photos compiled so far. Fortunately for me, my wife bought a new desktop computer for me to edit with. My 4 year old school laptop coughs and sputters just trying to gather the clips. I won't even try to render anything on it anymore.

The film will be about Matthew from birth till now, and our journey as parents of a child with Autism.

Concern, disbelief, denial, anger,'s all there just waiting for me to put the pieces together.

Till then, here's the sneak peek I created MONTHS ago when I thought I'd have it finished soon.

Boy was I wrong.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walk for Autism Fresno

I figure my first post might as well be on topic.

My 4 year old son Matthew has Autism.

Myself, my wife, son, sisters in law (3 of them) and sisters of sisters in law (2 of's confusing) niece and nephew walked for Autism this morning on the campus of Fresno State. 

We walked because of Matthew. 

We walked because it's the right thing to do. 

We walked because sometimes there's nothing else you can do.

We walked. 

And I took some pictures.

Pre walk registration in the peace garden on campus. 
We got t-shirts! 

Walking across campus. Nice turnout for a first time event. 

Logan (my nephew) hitched a ride with my wife early into the walk. 

Halfway through the walk and we're bringing up the rear! I slowed the volunteers down even more by asking for a picture. They were a very nice group of kids doing a great thing in my opinion.

My wife and Matthew. That's how he smiles for the camera. #autism. Wait, this isn't twitter!

I have the cutest niece. That's her with my sister in law (not her mom. Confusing still, I know)

And with me...poof! There goes the smile.  
One sister in law commented on my Autism themed Fresno Grizzlies baseball jersey....I believe 
she said I was "pimpin". I'm hoping that's a good thing!

Team Matthew.
From right: Me, Matthew, Angelica, Alicia, Logan, Imelda, Sylvia, Blanca and Tilly.
Samantha is in the double stroller, under the red blanket.